February 6, 2013

Quasi-Steady State

In biochemistry, transport, and other realms of differential equations, when attempting to solve for an explicit solution to what the concentration is at a certain time or location, that we assume that the tiny fluctuations in concentration over time are so minimal that they can be ignored. Thus, we assume a quasi-steady state, where the change in concentration over time is zero.

My life has been at a quasi-steady state, with really nothing new to talk about. The research is gaining speed, while I've also retired my positions from the IQA (trading one activity for another). I suppose the only new activity in my life has been trying out acting, of which I've been in one show for Antic Shakespeare last semester and will be in one show this semester.

I suppose there's not too much to say. I was in a relationship for about a month, and then it ended. Last semester's classes and headache were traded in for new classes this semester and more headache (lab reports should not take 24 continuous hours to complete). I've seen my activities flow in, and flow out, leaving me at a steady state in this realm. I guess I can't really complain.

Sometimes I wish I could break out of this steady state, but it is rather comfortable. Maybe I'll take another risk and find another relationship some day soon. Regrettably, any perturbations outside of this stability are not strong enough to reach a new steady state. Perhaps analyzing this mathematically is one of the reasons why I am single, but you know what? I'm okay with that.

It is only a quasi-state because I know that things are changing for me and around me. But maybe, for now, I don't need to worry about things changing in relationships. Maybe I can assume that the change is zero.

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