November 5, 2012

Double Your Money!

I know that, many times on the internet, you end up seeing a post that is too good to be true.  Free iThings!  Glorious Vacation for Limited Time Only! Double Your Money in 5 minutes!

However, today, I do have an offer in the latter category that actually is true.  Specifically - there is an opportunity to double your money through a donation-match-challenge that has been put up by my friend at the University of Chicago, Dr. Borja Sotomayor.

Borja turned 2^5 this past Sunday.  And as a part of his 100000nd birthday, he is asking people to make a donation to The Trevor Project.  To sweeten the pot a bit, he is offering to match the first $2500 in donations that come in!  For those who do not know, The Trevor Project "is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth."  Which is to say, The Trevor Project is doing incredibly important work - work that requires whatever funding can come its way.

If you would like to donate to The Trevor Project and double your money in the process, please take a moment to visit Borja's 32nd Birthday Fundraiser  page on Razoo and make a donation.  As of this writing, he's a little over half-way to his goal of $2500 and is leaving the page open until December 4th to accept donations.  Here's the current tally:
Online fundraising for Borja's 32nd Birthday Fundraiser

Thanks, and tell him Gus sent you!

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  1. As someone who served on Trevor's national youth council, I can 100% back up what Dr. G said. Trevor does AMAZING work and needs all the money it can get. Take a second, and donate! :)