October 22, 2013

Welcome! From Fiona

Hello everyone! My name is Fiona McCrossin, I’m a sophomore here at Duke and I absolutely love primatology, animal rights activism, and LGBT activism. I am studying in the Evolutionary Anthropology department and I have an amazing job at the Duke Lemur Center (it’s one of the best parts of my college experience). I’m also the Blog Editor for this blog! So, if you’d like to write for this blog, send me an email and your thoughts will be here in no time!
I try to see the spectrum of sexuality and gender as objectively as possible, but I do have a subjective view influenced by my identity as a bisexual individual, and my exploration in the realm of gender; fitting in as a strictly female person isn’t exactly right, so I might identify as bigender, but my self-exploration of gender is relatively new and I think I have more to learn before discovering the identity that I have always had, yet never been able to pinpoint.

My personal ties to the LGBT, or queer, community make activism extra rewarding for me, but I also love to support individuals with identities which are different from mine. This semester I’m acting as the chair of our committee for Trans Day of Remembrance (feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like to participate!) I love being a member of Blue Devils United, the campaigns that we engage in are fantastic from an activism standpoint and from a social standpoint, as I love working with the other members of the BDU executive board. The fun activities that BDU organizes and co-organizes are also a super-enjoyable part of my life and this year I’m hoping to perform in the Drag Show!


  1. y r u riding a marine animal doe

  2. Excited that we have our first non-cis gendered blog editor! Thanks for sharing your journey with the rest of us.