September 14, 2010

Blog Meeting Tonight!

If you don't think that making these posters is the best part of my week, then you clearly don't know me. This one is my appeal to the more artsy crowd (Ari), so I'm hoping my pointed advertising works.

Anyway! It's already been a week since there was a trillion people in my room for the last meeting. That was so many people! Things got a little squeezed in here and we had to get a little comfortable with one another. With this in mind, I've decided to have the meeting here again this week because duh, that is how families should be.

Maybe bring blankets and pillows and stuff? I don't know.

Tonight we'll be going over a lot more concrete things - setting up people to write, when they're writing, what they're writing, etc. A timeline for advertisements and such.

Again, no matter what you're involvement's been so far or what you want it to be in the future, you're more than welcome. Come visit!

My Room
Kilgo J210
Tonight, 9PM


  1. Can I watch on skype? P.S. Blankets necessary for your icebox of a room.

  2. totally off topic-that movie is actually REALLY good. Almodovar is actually a powerful gay rights advocate and he has some great movies with trans themes, including "Todo sobre la madre" y "Mala educación". He has an interesting style (read: very different, "odd" and very symbolic), but if you're looking for international films in Spanish that deal with trans issues, totallyyyy worth looking into!

  3. Ari (well, me too) is a big fan and supposedly the BDU-film critic...