September 9, 2010

Chocolate Fountain Social Wrap-Up

[Ed. Note: This year, we've decided to recap BDU and Center events with pictures and firsthand accounts. (More pictures to come when I figure out how to embed a nice-looking photo gallery into Blogger.) Our first-year friend Matt was awesome enough to write this up for us, because it's what people who are The Best do. Thanks, Matt!]

Drawn by the promise of new friends and, let’s be honest, chocolate, Duke’s LGBT and ally community converged yesterday on Trinity CafĂ©, a cozy venue adjacent to the Marketplace on Duke’s East Campus. A few minutes into the social, Ollie Wilson, fearless leader of the gays, stood on a chair and addressed the gathering. He recapped a few of last year’s events, notably the Day of Silence activism campaign, and outlined the events BDU has planned for the coming year (which sound amazing, by the way). The mingling then reconvened. I met so many friendly people at the social today- it’s a shame I’m terrible with names.

I totally loved seeing all of the other first-years at the social today, even if most of them had smudges of chocolate on their faces. It’s awesome to know that I’m not in this alone. I can’t get over how welcoming Duke’s LGBT community has been. It’s hard to think that just a few weeks ago I was packing for college and obsessing over how hard it was going to be to enter college as an openly gay student. I figured that if regular students typically had a tough time adjusting, it would be even harder for someone, you know, like me. I feel like things are working just the opposite- two weeks in and I already have a supportive, friendly and undeniably fierce group of friends, thanks to the Center. If today’s event was any indication, the next four years are going to be amazing!

Towards the end of the social, I picked up a giant rainbow flag. It’s now hanging from my third story window. I wonder if my roommate has noticed yet…


  1. Golly if you're terrible with names then you're going to have a heck of a lot of trouble tomorrow when we all converge on the Center for Fab Friday and White After Labor Day.

    Hi New Friend Matt (2)! (I actually already have a New Friend Matt here, funny enough)

  2. MATT!! I LOVE that we met on the c-1 and then got to hang out at the blog party (oops...meeting?) the other night, too. This is a great recap--I really dig your wit. And, for what it's worth, as excited as you are about the community you inherited here on campus...well, I'm just as pumped about all of you first years and what you've already contributed to our community. You're great.

  3. omggggggg.

    i also love the updated "upcoming events" very helpful. :)