July 5, 2010

Anonymous Posts

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I am not one for bragging, but this weekend I saw John, Aliza, LC and J-Block while I was briefly home. This was an awesome time, and is the sort of thing that makes me superexcited to get back on campus.

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I just wish other women on this campus would stay open to the idea of being with another woman.


  1. I spend so much time with other queer women that I sometimes don't notice how unqueer most women I meet at Duke are. I guess I just assume that's how things are. Since I'm openly queer other openly queer women are drawn to me. The not so open/questioning girls are not drawn to me. End of story. When I was single, I would have loved to go to a frat party (or any non specifically queer party) and meet a girl to hook up with. There's something utterly off-limits about the girls I meet on campus. Something that tells me they wouldn't even consider hooking up with another girl if they were drunk! (Slight exaggeration.)

    If you want to talk to a girl who is open to being with other girls, Facebook me.

  2. I completely agree. Maybe we need to look in different places...