August 28, 2012

"You Can Play" @ DUKE

I first wrote about the NHL's "You Can Play" project back in March.  At the end of last school year, Risa and I approached our athletic department about producing a similar video.  Leslie Barnes and her team were instrumental over the summer in rounding up athletes, coaches, and members of the athletic department to participate in the project.  This week, we are thrilled to announce that Duke athletics is officially throwing its hat into the ring to combat homophobia in sports with its own "You Can Play" video.

You can see it here ==>>  You Can Play @ DUKE <<==

Feel free to check it out and share it with your friends and family.

Also, I'm running Athletes United this year.  Athletes United is a monthly discussion group for LGBTQ identified and questioning Duke varsity/club athletes and students that work closely with our teams.  The group creates a confidential, safe space for members to share personal experiences and discuss how to make the locker room and playing field an accepting environment for all athletes. Our first meeting is slated for Sunday, 9/16 at 6pm in the LGBT center.  If you are at all interested in finding out more information about the group, feel free to drop me ( or Dr. Janie Long ( a line.

Happy first week of classes everyone.



  1. Congratulations on a great video and for voicing your support of all athletes. Here's hoping the Duke community is as proud of your efforts as we are. Glad to be on your team.

    On behalf of all of us at You Can Play, sincere thanks.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful video - really great too, not only that it exists but that it is coming about just as the new students are arriving!