January 21, 2010

Cindy McCain NOH8 PHOTO: McCain Joins Project Protesting Prop 8: Cindy McCain, like her daughter Meghan McCain before her, has posed for the NOH8 Campaign, a photographic campaign against California's anti-Equality Proposition 8. Former presidential hopeful Senator John McCain remains opposed to marriage equality, although he "respects the views of his family".

Cindy McCain posing for NOH8

Meghan McCain posing for NOH8 in 2009


  1. 1) when i first heard of this campaign a while ago i couldn't help but be reminded of the stuff bdu did for last year's day of silence. totally powerful.

    2) i know a lot of people in the lgbt community (including duke students) face hostility from their families, but i can't imagine having a dad/mom/brother/sister/any family member, really, who is such a public figure not being supportive and condemning me.

  2. And here I was just about to send this in as a scoop...

  3. Also - very much agree with anon above about the similarities to and the power of the Day of Silence photos. I remember seeing some of the pictures percolating up through my Facebook news feed and - selfishly - having a moment of thankfulness for never having had to be silent. I know that's pretty bad, but it's honest, and this would certainly seem to be the forum for such a thing (honesty. not awfulness :) )

  4. That campaign to photograph was definitely headed by Matt Lyons--he should get complete credit for that. I took a few of the first photographs for the printed posters, but the FB campaign, which got a ton of attention was all him. We should absolutely continue this each year!