January 4, 2010

Anonymous Posts

Every week, we collect anonymous entries sent in using the link on our sidebar and post them all on Monday. We post anything as long as it doesn't contain personal attacks or hate speech. Feel free to submit your thoughts and questions :)

The start of next semester is so close, Everyone. I've been banking so many sleeping hours in anticipation (that's how science works, right? Right.). In all seriousness, though, while I'm dreading classes, I am looking forward so much to how this blog is going to continue trucking and evolve (!) this spring. There are some sweet changes and superexciting projects that we've got in the works.

Anyhow! Like I've said before, in the past couple of weeks You All have been like actors in a movie called "The Best Commenters." But the secret is that You are all really The Best Commenters IRL so it is not that hard of a role to play. Look at me being Captain Similes, over here. *pats self on back*

Let's keep it up! The posts from this week:

So in my desperate search for something to do the last couple of days on break I stumbled upon this blog. Well I didn't exactly stumble, you might even call it a deliberate effort but that might make me sound a little desperate so you choose. How did I come upon a blog that I dare say will serve as a form of intellectual stimulation and one or two cheap laughs for the rest of my winter break? Nothing less than that age old tool all college students fear and love at the same time...Facebook. Yup, I was checking my event, found an invite to this Spring's coming GLBT and Ally Retreat and from that page found a link to the Duke Blue Devils United Page which then led me to this blog. So I guess my stumbling was more stalking but what else is Facebook good for? [Ed. Note: Nothing.]

So here I am, a Tar Heel in enemy territory. At first I think, what will your fellow Tar Heels think? But in all honesty, any site dedicated to uplifting the LGBTQ community with thought provoking stories and just plain funny material is a friend of mine. I still haven't decided whether or not I will attend the retreat this Spring. Part of me says yes because it would be a really cool opportunity to meet some really cool people from Carolina, State, and dare I say it even Duke. Another part of me, the less outgoing part, warns me that it would involve emersing myself in an environment that I'm not quite completely comfortable in. I'll admit that I've only ever been to two GLBTSA meetings in the Fall and I'm not sure if I'm quite ready to spend a weekend with my fellow gays. At the risk of sounding like a mentally unstable individual, that first part of me thinks that last thought is absolutely ridiculous. What can the GLBTQ community do to me but nurture me and give me a place to feel comfortable enough to be myself? I mean worst case scenario, I meet my match when it comes to being a DIVA as most of my close friends often affectionately call me. Anyway, I'll spare you all the specifics of my internal conflicts. I just want to say that so far, I've thoroughly enjoyed this blog and look forward to keeping up with it in the near future. Looks like you Blue Devils ain't half as bad as I was made to believe...just don't tell any of my fellow Tar Heels I said that!

[Ed. Note: Hey Tar Heel :) Know that similarly, UNC's GLBTSA is always a friend of BDU. We're happy to have you as a reader! It's become really apparent since the blog's launch that even though our stories are highly personal, they are far from Duke-specific and are so often immediately relatable to many, many visitors from off campus (like I've said before, we've been visited by 44 countries and 44 states). We're infinitely grateful for our non-Duke Readers and invite them to visit and participate just as much.

For those unfamiliar, this is the retreat that this contributor is talking about. I'll see you there, #1!].

I wonder if she's here. Sometimes I wonder if I'm meant to find her here at Duke. Sure, I've fallen for a bunch of straight girls, but that can't mean anything. I'm wondering if SHE is here-that girl who, I just can't get over how amazing she is. If she's here, I hope she comes out. And if she's already out, I hope she has the courage to approach me. I've finally convinced myself to be visible next semester around the Center...I just hope she's there.

[Ed Note: I s'pose we'll be seeing you, too, #2! Awesome. I hope She's there with us, of course :) You are definitely helping Her, though, in doing your part to increase visibility on campus. If we build upon our Community...]


  1. #1: It's great to see that readers from a short trip away on the 15-501 have started to read and recognize this blog as a helpful tool. I hope to see you at the LGBT retreat in February and most likely, I'll be your biggest challenge in the DIVA contest ;-) In all seriousness though, i'm so glad that this blog has been part of your solace this winter break, and I hope you show it to other people at UNC. We believe visibility is extremely important in order for this blog to work to its fullest potential.

    #2: This is a question I have been pondering as of late...is the person out there for me? Is he at duke? How do I put myself out there enough for them to recognize me? Just know you aren't alone. Just know that if you don't find her at Duke, you are bound to find her somewhere else. The most important thing is to not just throw down the towel and look down...you should instead just make sure you put yourself out there and when that person is interested, they will make it known.

  2. #1: It's fantastic to have readers from other campuses, as the editor said, the topics and issues really aren't just specific to just Duke, but a multitude of LGBT experiences. I really hope you'll come to the retreat this Spring, it'd be really great to have you there and I think that, as you say, it'll be a fantastic chance to meet a lot of new friends from the community. I can totally understand your hesitation though, it can be a big step to jump right into something like this in unfamiliar surroundings, However, know that the retreat is focussed around building stronger interactions between the triangle lgbt community, developing campus leaders and fostering a stronger sense of identity within the participants. I really hope you'll come along, we all look forward to seeing you there.

    P.S. More information about the retreat is coming soon, stay tuned to the Facebook page and the blog...

    #2: This is a sentiment we can all relate to, of whether that special someone is out there on campus, perhaps even sharing the exact same feelings and searching for you. You've definitely taken a big step towards finding her though! I really look forward to meeting you too this semester!

  3. #1: You should definitely go to the retreat. It'll be a safe, discreet way to meet a lot of new people, maybe your next boyfriend. To get anywhere in life, you have to take risks. I think this one may be a little bit safer than it seems. Hope to see you there!

  4. I love Mondays because of the anonymous posts. I hope to meet some of our readers in the Spring. This blog is so wonderful. I love it more everyday.

    (Sorry, just excited to go back to Duke and do more of my interviews!)