January 8, 2010

Gay Pride: In and Out (a series of documentaries on current™ tv): Thought someone else might find these intriguing too. I'm interested in what y'all think about them, especially the piece on firearms. Hope your breaks have been exceptional!


  1. Regarding the Pink Pistols clip...only in America. I really have to question the sanity of someone who draws a gun just because they're verbally bashed. I'm sorry, but getting called a name, whatever it may be, is not a reason to draw a gun on someone and threaten to take their life. Regardless of whether or not you actually plan on pulling the trigger, you're NOT law enforcement (or God, for that matter). I can just imagine the gun accidentally being set off when it's drawn, possibly killing you or someone else. And then what will you say? "But he verbally provoked me!" Yeah, I'm sure that will go down real well with the judge.

    Bottom line: There are better ways to defend yourself, if you really want to get heavy duty about it. Self-defense classes and mace both come to mind. I hope to God this whole Pink Pistol thing is some uber-minority fringe movement, because there are already enough people on the streets packing heat that, IMO, shouldn't be.

    P.S. And I didn't even mention the possible stereotype coming about of LGBT individuals as armed and dangerous. No thanks. Not interested.

  2. I think the video in China is really interesting, because it shows how much we take for granted in terms of LGBT progress in America, even when sometimes it seems like we're moving slow. I was also very glad to hear that there is an outlet (however small) for those who are gay in Shanghai.

    As for the Pink pistols, the first thing that comes to mind is someone like Brandon Teena who was raped and murdered in Nebraska. I think that the high murder rate of the gay community, especially transsexuals, is a sad, unbelivable disgrace. Yet I'm not sure we should sink to their level and counter primitive acts with a primitive response. Just a thought.

  3. 1st of all WOW to "At 13." Just wow. I love slam poetry, but have never heard it used for LGBT issues. Excuse me while I play that again.

    And re: Pink Pistols. I'll start by saying that I HATE guns. I hate them. I think that so many more tragedies have occurred than been prevented because of our armed public. I may be using heuristics, but I'm pretty comfortable in that assertion that we'd be better off without the 2nd amendment. Like the first commenter alluded to, even the number of misfires that ended in accidental deaths is, I think, cause enough.

    But! That there are many many scary people in this country that own and carry guns is a fact that nobody can deny. We must even be weary of scary people without guns because they can be just as dangerous. If these people want to defend themselves, then fine! It is their right. I don't think that we can say that they are sinking to the level of people who have MURDERED gay people just because they didn't like it. It's not like Pink Pistols is going out looking for heterosexuals to MURDER. Clearly they feel threatened and unable to defend themselves. Pulling a gun on someone for just saying "hey faggot" is OUT OF CONTROL and more than trigger happy. But what if this group had started to walk towards him? The line is thin. If I were him, with his physique (as he mentioned) faced with a couple people who wanted to hurt me, sorry, I wouldn't feel too comfortable with my karate skillz or my mace. Personally, I wouldn't feel compelled to own a gun (or even comfortable with one), but I can at least see where they're coming from. I'm not going to denounce Pink Pistols any more than I'm going to any other gun carrier.

    Who knows, though? Maybe if I were living in East Jesus, TX and I knew that someone had been killed in the area for being gay, I'd want to protect myself.