August 25, 2010

WOMYN Wednesday!

[WOMYN magazine is excited to announce that we will be featuring polls from our community in the magazine! We want to hear what you have to say about LGBTQ issues, queer women and Duke! The general goal of WOMYN magazine is to increase the visibility of queer women on this campus.]

Thank you to everyone who participated in last week's poll. The responses were great, and if you haven't voted yet you still can.

This week's WOMYN poll is:

"Which political figure do you think has done the most for LGBTQ equality in the past year?"

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(You can view the results of the poll in WOMYN magazine when it hits campus late fall semester!)

"You've got to elect gay people."
Harvey Milk (from his Hope Speech, 1978)

Whether they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer or straight-allied, LGBTQ-friendly individuals in positions of political power have done a lot for us this past year. Most recently, Judge Vaugh Walker, the District Judge of the Northern California District Court, overturned the Prop 8 ruling in the exciting trial this August. (A stay was recently decided on his ruling; click here to read the full story.) In addition to Walker, many other political figures have contributed a lot in the fight for LGBTQ equality. Who do you think has done the most for our community this year? Express your ideas and opinions in the poll and comments section this week, and let's start a discussion on politicians who fight for equality.

Did you know? There is a group of politicians that fight for LGBTQ-equality known as the National Stonewall Democrats? The group is one of the few LGBT-rights organizations that is officially affiliated with the Democratic party, and it was founded by Barney Frank in 1998.

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  1. i find it almost offensive to put barack obama even in contention for having done the most to promote lgbt equality in this or any year. lets face the facts: this man is less progressive on the issue of marriage equality than dick cheney. DICK CHENEY, for crying out loud!!!! on a wide range of issues, from letting dadt repeal get bogged down on the hill to his bumbling and two-faced response to the Perry v Schw ruling and prop 8 in general, the president has shown a repeated willingness to have it both ways on gay issues, which in effect boils down to taking the community's support essentially for granted while courting the votes of ignorant anti-gay voters in swing stats and districts. furthermore, note the consensus within the activist community nationally, one of disappointment with this administration given its lack of courage to stand up for what we all figure they probably believe in anyways. besides, the community's activists, money, and votes overwhelmingly supported Hillary (duh) for a reason.

    dont discount me as a political partisan of any type -- i kinda hate most/all politicians. i just think it's at best naive/uninformed and at worst a reflection of a state of denial to find it remotely conceivable that obama has done a lot for gay rights. (honestly, you might give it to one of these high profile right-wingers like dick cheney, laura bush, cindy mccain, ken mehlman, etc. who have come out for marriage equality -- theyre the ones who have had to stand up to a party full of religious zealots and fundamentalist wack-jobs. its not like standing up for gay rights in the democratic party is super hard when its filled with a bunch of us liberals lol. on that note, what has ol' tammy baldwin done that's been high profile OR effective in fighting for gay rights this year? remaining an out lesbian isnt exactly an act of bravery in her case)

    also, barney frank is a congressman, not a senator... considering he wrote the new finreg bill, im surprised that more people arent aware of the chairman of the financial services cmte in the house in a campus full of I-banker wannabes

    let me preemptively apologize for my tone, if its condescending or harsh or anything -- i guess the mention of the poll just sets me off as someone who feels incredibly let down by a president who was complicit in selling himself as the progressive messiah two years ago and yet has barely lifted a finger for the gay community when there is so much to be done. hate crimes and executive orders on federal benefits just arent cutting it for me...

  2. While I agree that Obama has not done enough, (I'm very disappointed in his position on marriage equality), I'd like to point out that he signed the Matthew Shepard Act (Oct. 2009) into effect, and the importance of this legislation cannot be ignored. It's really a huge landmark, as it was the first federal legislation EVER to give federal protections to transgender citizens. It's kind of a "duh" law, but at the same time, Pres. Bush vetoed a *very* similar law in his term (H.R. 1592).