October 30, 2012

Course Offering

[Hey Everyone. There is a great course being offered next semester by our very own Steven Petrow.  A Duke alum and local resident, Petrow is a strong advocate for Duke LGBT community. Check out the course description below.] 

Offered for the first time:
LGBT Lives: Telling Stories A documentary writing seminar on
the evolving gay and lesbian family

Led by Steven Petrow, past president of the National Lesbian & Gay
Journalists Association, columnist to The New York Times and The Huffington
Post, and acclaimed author.

Documentary writing course exploring the intersection of documentary writing
and community service, with a focus on LGBT families in NC. Students,
whether gay or straight, will connect their classroom work with a
documentary fieldwork project to produce a semester-long project relying on
documentary research, interviews, and personal experience. The instructor
will work closely with students to assist with publication opportunities in
local, state, and national media.

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