October 25, 2010

Anonymous Posts (10.18.10-10.24.10)

Every week, we collect anonymous entries sent in using the link on our sidebar and post them all on Monday. We post anything as long as it doesn't contain personal attacks or hate speech. Feel free to submit your thoughts and questions :)

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa your boat. So much is going on this week. The Most is going on this week.

Tonight is the second LGBT Discussion group at 7 in the Center. The first one was, uh, freaking awesome and a ton of people came. Let's do that! Let's do that again, Readers. Tomorrow night there's a blog meeting in my room (Kilgo J 210) at 9. Don't worry, it's right after Glee. This is also consistently an awesome time that more often than not devolves into a dance party/movie night by 10 or 11. Come! Come. As always, it's a great way to meet people and get involved (or not get involved! Whatever. The more the merrier (lol)).

Cookies will be served at both events because duh, cookies will be served at both events.

Tomorrow night before the blog meeting and before Glee are the drag show auditions. (Which I may be auditioning for? To emcee? I have not auditioned for anything since the Wizard of Oz in 5th grade and we all know how that turned out.) Aaaand there's a BDU meeting on Wednesday night.

Personally, my academic trainer and extraordinary woman Laila Sharafi (double majoring in Civil Engineering and Keeping Chris in School) made me go to her room at 8:30 AM today (as in, 8:30 in the morning. Just to clarify) to do the steel homework that I've been putting off in order to make the greatest Excel spreadsheet ever to streamline the process of installing 250+ pride flags that've been requested all over campus (if you signed up for a flag, fret not! We're just figuring out the best way to put these up/replace any that may be stolen). Anyhow. I just did Steel for 8 hours. That is so many hours! Not to mention more than zero hours doing Steel.

So I'm a little tired and loquacious and rambly and need to eat my peanut butter and nutella sandwich and get my life together before the discussion group. Mhm.

Anonymous posts, yo.

I can't take it anymore. If one more gay man I know overlooks the women in our LGBTQ community, I'm going to just stop coming to events.

I've been open and out as bi for approximately forever, and I'm so glad the Center exists here. But at the same time, I'm a shy and awkward person and I feel like every time I go into the Center, I'm out-socialed by everyone there. How do I talk to people? How do I not sound like an idiot? I've figured out how to do casual conversation, I think, but I can't stick to that forever. I don't get how social glue works. I want to make friends, but I don't know how. Okay, so this isn't exactly gay-related, but I feel like the Center is the sort of space that would be safe to learn in--and I so desperately want to learn.

Anyone struggling/coming out? This is a great story, and really cute. Don't tell anyone, but it's a soap opera (But german, so that makes it acceptable. Did I mention I'm glad this is anonymous :-P Fear not, it has english subtitles.) It's now 5 15 am, and I have to be up in 2 hours, but I've been watching it for like 4 hours. First third or so, especially... (link)

Not sure it's what's supposed to be what we post on here, but it's a really nice happy reassuring story... Enjoy <3

My heart goes out to all of Duke's closeted/semi-closeted gays who remain that way out of fear that their parents will stop paying tuition if they find out. We understand your struggle and we feel for you. Stay strong <3

Where are all my queer Asian women at? (And, yes, Asia covers more an East Asia, y'all)


  1. uh represent #5. if you come by the Center often, you've probably seen me as I am a staff worker there :D.

  2. Hey #2! I'm not sure I'm entirely qualified on writing a how-to guide for making friends (although casual conversation is almost always the place to start, so you've got that step down), but if you're at Fab Friday this week, come find me! I'm always looking to meet new people. Or feel free to Facebook me/email me: my name is Rachel Harris, rachel.a.harris@duke.edu. Jacob Tobia (who is amazingness personified) shares my views on this, and he specifically wanted me to include him here, so talk to him, too! I have to admit that he is more fabulous than me, so you will probably meet him first, but I do my best. :)

  3. Hey #2 , keep your chin up! The fab kids at the center are only out socialing you right now because they've been going to the center for so long. Take my word that EVERYONE is shy and awkward, not just once, but always. I can't be at Fab Friday this time, I'm always open for a new friend!-Swati Rayasam, if you want to look me up.

    #4, I love you and I love that. Period, the end.

    #5, I know who anon is haha but there are queer asians! You've got to find them. (Hint: look for suspenders)