October 6, 2010

A Message From Janie Long, Director of the Center for LGBT Life:

If you have been the recipient of a bias or hate incident this semester, I ask that you e-mail me with details. This could be a flag torn down, a taunt, a remark made in class directed at you, a non-responsive person in charge, etc. I want to report these incidents to others so that they might be fully informed. I talk with many of you each week who have experienced some form of negativity by someone on campus whether it is another student or a staff member. One little incident may not seem like much but when they are put all together they can speak volumes. So, please e-mail me (janie.long@duke.edu) today. I want to hear from each of you who has had one of these experiences even if you have told me before!


[Ed. Note: Janie wouldn't ask for this unless it was important, Readers, so let's do it. Remember, incidents big and small count. If you want to make this as anonymous as possible (AAAP), you can use our anonymous posts link to respond and I'll relay your message to Janie (without posting it next Monday unless you explicitly tell me to).]

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  1. Janie- I absolutely love this and I love you for it! <3 Best of luck making your case!