October 12, 2010

Anonymous Posts (10.4.10-10.10.10)

Every week, we collect anonymous entries sent in using the link on our sidebar and post them all on Monday. We post anything as long as it doesn't contain personal attacks or hate speech. Feel free to submit your thoughts and questions :)

These are a day late, y'all. This is my fault, and due to fall break CRAZINESS. I've put up a bunch of flags this weekend which was tons of fun, but entailed me risking my life for some third floor Pegram residents. I'm keeping a counter in the right column and there's also a link where you can sign up to get one yourself. I've got, like, 70 flags in my room that need a home, People.

This Friday is Coming Out Day at Duke, which is always so much fun. I actually got involved with Duke's LGBTQA Community two years ago through COD handing out shirts (Happy anniversary, Chris Purcell!) and it was one of the best decisions I've made at Duke. We're going to need all the help we can get - can we have a ton of people on the Plaza at 9 to help set up?

I'm also DJing COD, which is kind of a dream come true (Megan Weinand thinks I'm doing her a favor). I promise I'll play a couple Britney tracks, Gays, but I'm keeping this set eclectic and old school #Wale #Destiny's Child. Also, several mash-ups made by my good friend and hometown hero Brendon Nolan are certain to get rotation (below!). Get hype, Duke.

Anonymous posts for the week, y'all.

Today I was in class, and I challenged a statement that implied everyone was heterosexual. I want to thank the (appearingly straight) woman in a sorority behind me who strongly agreed with me and then backed up my comment with more strength and facts. You're an awesome woman, and it was great to see a very Greek woman show that kind of support. I hope you speak up at your next chapter meeting, too.

Why is purple considered a "gay" colour? Eg. wear purple in remembrance of LGBTQ youth that have died. Just curious.

I hate that the anonymous post from a couple weeks ago were never put back up. I hate that a comity is being formed to review comments. I feel I can't even trust this blog anymore. It truly saddens me that the freedom of speech is disregarded. We fight so hard for our rights yet it seems no one care about the basic right of speech and the right to disagree.

My heart pours for LGBTQ folk. I've started to spend more time with yall than my straight friends and have realized an exponential increase in my happiness. Why are you all so awesome? I'm a PROUD ALLY and I will continue to be.


  1. @ #2: I wondered the same thing for a while, if purple was a gay color (it seems to be; no clue why). But I also think that the reason people picked purple for this occasion is because purple is the color used for suicide awareness -- so it makes sense for this at least, to use purple for those who committed suicide; incidentally, they happen to be lgbtiq identified.

  2. #3: Totally agree with you. I believe that it ruins the integrity of the blog to create a review committee for posts. The people that are going to be on this committee are going to be able to say who's voice gets heard. If someone submits something that they do not agree with or think will be very controversial, it won't get published and that's just not right. Let people speak their mind no matter how wrong you think it is. I say screw the committee. I can guarantee that I will no longer read this blog and will lose all respect for it.

  3. Right.

    Well, I'd disagree that "freedom of speech is being disregarded" and that "if someone submits something that they do not agree with or think will be very controversial, it won't get published and that's just not right" because I'm the editor of the blog and I know Me pretty well and that's just not the logic behind this. If that is the perception of some, though, then that is the perception of some, I s'pose.

    The goal is to stop hateful comments and blanket comments about groups of people. I think I made it pretty clear here that it wasn't disagreements or criticism that we're looking to end. Because, again, that would be antithetical to our mission, not to mention a pretty crappy thing to do.

    As in, I like, agree with you both in theory but maintain that that's not our intention or something that will happen.

  4. To #3 and Anon @ 5:13: I want to reiterate what Chris posted above. It isn't about quelling people's voices. In fact, one could argue quite the opposite--that it's actually about making sure people's voices are heard by asking people to frame criticism in specific, personal experiences.

    I'd also argue that the committee isn't any different than what's happened over the past 11 months. Up until now, Chris has been the sole arbiter. He hasn't had to not post anything due to hateful content, and it is my hope that this will not change under the committee format. If anything, it's more democratic to have a committee to oversee this, rather than just Chris himself. Similarly, there will be a sort of checks-and-balances system going on within the committee. If I think something is clearly hateful and wouldn't post it if it were up to me, others may not agree, resulting in the post being posted. In this way, it being up to several people means that the only things which don't get posted are the things which are unquestionably hateful. Things which, regardless of whether you are a CenterLover or a CenterHater, or whatever, cannot be deemed productive criticism.

    I also would like to suggest that if this is something you are so passionate about then you have the option of joining the committee to see to it that the committee doesn't do anything you don't approve of.

  5. #1: Next time you see her, you should tell her how awesome she was and how much it meant to you. I'm sure she'd love to know.

    #2: So technically Lavender is the LGBT related color, what with the lavender upside-down isoceles triangle thing going on. Or at least that's what I kind of gleaned. Here ya go.


    Also, interestingly enough, I keep having conversations about how the gays have claimed refracted light...what an acccomplishment, or at least I think so.

    #3: Chris and Risa already said it and I'm not going to beat a dead horse. However, I will echo part of Risa's post. If you don't trust the judgement of Chris and of the committee, don't complain, join it and work your views from the inside. No one gets anything done by yelling at a closed door. Or at least not efficiently. Plus, if you do sense biases and find your fears are not unfounded, then it is your duty to make sure that the committee is the most neutral as possible. Everyone loves a little bit of debate.

    #4: I hear you on that! I don't know what it is, but being around my LGBT-ID friends makes me glow. I feel like a part of it is the social justice activism thing that just lights my fire, and the other part of it is pixie dust and drag show season =)[i.e.- the fact they look better than me in a skirt].

  6. 1-- I agree with Swati. I'm sure she'd love to know that you noticed what she said and appreciated her support. If you don't feel comfortable sharing this with her face-to-face, you could shoot her an email or if you'd prefer to remain anonymous, you could write her a note and ask the professor (or someone else) to make sure she gets it and ask them to please not share with her that it was you.

    4--This is why I started hanging around so much!! I found that when I spent time at the center, at BDU, etc, I was just so happy and felt comfortable to just be me--which wasn't something I experienced often during my first year. I love these people.

  7. Keep talking about the censorship. The editors and contributors of this blog are hoping that people don't. Why? Because if we stop talking about it there is no evidence of its existence, except deep in the annals of the blog. This blog's mediators would prefer to keep the discussion serving their agenda--they have made this clear--but we can subvert those priorities if we continue to respectfully disagree with them. The LGBT Center and its frequenters are not the gay community on this campus. Let's keep reminding them of that. Chris Perry: stop your censorship campaign and allow for open discussion.


  8. @Risa--Oh yeah, just "join the committee." This would be a great idea if the committee were not selected by the Blue Devils United, a group led exclusively by LBGT Center gays. For an "outsider" to get on this committee would be impossible. And these are the voices that are being excluded. Let's not forget the source of this infighting. No one posted hateful things about gays in general--just a specific group of gays. That same group is now charged with mediating this discussion. Come on! Censorship=Censorship. Free Speech? Fine by me.


  9. The group isn't really being selected like that. In the interest of making it "diverse in [people's] involvement with the Center, BDU, etc." anyone who wants to be involved with this can be. I'd suggest you try to join the committee and see what happens. Saying it's impossible without trying is kind of a cop out.

    Also, +1 for "respectfully disagree with them." I mean, again, as someone who is me, I can assure you there's no agenda and I've said (so many times now) that I want debate and differing opinions on the blog because otherwise it'd be pretty boring. But like you said, this can be done respectfully! But then it says "No one posted hateful things about gays in general--just a specific group of gays." Aaaaand that's still not okay. Because attacks like that are personal. And hateful comments about groups of people will just not be tolerated on the blog. Again, this goes for any group of people. But! But. As you pointed out before, this still leaves room for respectful disagreements.

  10. OR! You could even write for the blog itself. You've commented a bunch of times and have sent in an anonymous post or two. The Center and people who frequent it, BDU, etc. is not THE LGBT Community on campus, you're totally right (although, don't forget that they're included in it). There's no one way to navigate life at Duke as an LGBT student, and from day one we've been interested in a range of personal experiences.

    Here's my invitation to share your story :)

  11. you would surely never post anything that i have to say if it is said honestly.


  12. MP - why not try it and see? The invitations to join the committee or to write for the blog that you have received are honest, earnest invitations. You have the opportunity to say things honestly right now, so do it.

  13. MP: I can't tell if this is serious, or serious trolling. I say, let's not be so pessimistic about possibilities and give it a go. Write for the blog. You obviously have lots of interesting things to say and others would perhaps pay more attention to you (and not label you as a troll, just saying...) if you seemed more accessible. It's hard to take someone who seems to be on the attack seriously if one can't seem to envision him with some sort of tangible identity. And please note how I am not excluding anonymous profiles--that would be a bit hypocritical of me. Since a number of people agree with you, wouldn't it be better if they could contact you? If you want to, try for the committee or write for the blog. If not, you can continue with... what you're doing. If you don't take the opportunity however, do know others might just take that as hiding behind absolute anonymity to make what seem like bitter attacks. (Keywords: "might" and "seem").

    #2: The purple on the flag apparently represents spirit (thank you omniscient Google!) and I believe the color for suicide awareness is pink... So, I don't really know how all of that goes together, but I'm not complaining; purple is my favorite color. :) I've actually never seen or heard of purple being referred to as a gay color.