January 11, 2011

Anonymous Posts (1.3.11-1.9.11)

Every week, we collect anonymous entries sent in using the link on our sidebar and post them all on Monday. We post anything as long as it doesn't contain personal attacks or hate speech. Feel free to submit your thoughts and questions :)

Right. So. I'm currently at NC State right now because I'm taking a class here this semester. I have to use public transit to get here, so even though class isn't until 11:45 AM, I need to take a 7:57 AM bus from Duke and cannot leave State until 4:37 PM. Fine.

The problem is that due to the weather, classes that began before 10 AM were cancelled when I left Duke this morning. "lol see you in class" - This Delay. Whatever. I got on the bus (which was 15 minutes late) and 40 minutes later I stepped off onto the sidewalk.

And immediately fell.

State is covered in ice right now. Like, this is the most untraversable ground I've ever been on. I made it here to Mann Hall, though, falling only once more and slipping four times. And then I saw this "Wolf Alert" (really? Alright, sure.) relaying that my class had been cancelled. MLIAJ. So, yeah. If anyone from State is going to pass through the Mann Hall lobby in the next 6 and a half hours, feel free to say hi.

Thank god we have a blog about LGBT issues at Duke where I can complain about winter weather.

But hey! Welcome back, Everyone! Can't wait to see y'all. The Blog'll return to our regular schedule/volume on Monday, so look out for that. Also! Blog meeting the next night (Tuesday the 18th) in my room (Kilgo J210) at 9 PM. Cookies provided! All are welcome! Etc, etc.

Okokok. Anonymous postz.

I graduated last year and didn't know this even existed til tonight. I wish I had directed my friends who were questioning to it eons ago because I remember how alone they felt. It's one thing to hear you're not alone, and another to see a blog full of people just like you who feel the same way. Keep it up, guys and girls!

- lgbtq ally '10

I'm going abroad this semester and this community is the biggest thing I will miss at Duke. Not the Chapel, not my classes, not the basketball team, and not LDOC, but our wonderful, growing, accepting and loving LGBTQIA community.

Can't wait to read about you all via this blog. :)

Does anyone besides me find that talking all the time--I don't mean some of the time, I mean *all* the time--about LGBT rights is really boring?

I sometimes wonder if we would get more stuff done if we just did it instead of always talking about it.


  1. #3, I can most certainly confirm this--though, for what it's worth, I can also relay that merely thinking about these thing (and not really having people/a community to talk to them about) is less interesting/productive still.

    So, though much of my engagement has been due to happy coincidence, go for it! Come up with a great idea and see it through! Especially if you're at Duke, because BDU is just so bleeding awesome (and has funding to carry out your amazing ideas!).

    Missing you all like crazy, btw.

  2. #3: Preeeeaaacchhh!

  3. Christopher, shouldn't there be a bus (more often) from state to carolina? and then you can take the robertson from Duke. Might be more buses, but the state-unc bus runs more often!

    I second Matt. This blog might just be about talking, but that's not what the whole community is about. I'm going to the NC GA later this semester and have been on the hill before to lobby for LGBT rights.

    Take some comfort that things are getting done, and get involved yourself!

  4. #3...enjoy having a community to talk about it with...sooner or later you graduate and you are left reading the blog at work because your boss is out and thinking about these things because finding a new lgbt community it hard after graduation

    @ matt...you made me laugh! i will find the gays in washington, i will find the gays in washington, i will find the gays in washington...it is just a matter of time right?

  5. and...that last comment was from brandy

  6. #3. That's kind of what WOMYN was all about--to be really doing something. Sure you're not always gonna get everyone to rally behind every call and the real work will be done by a few, but if you've got that drive to lead us into action then please do it!