January 26, 2011

This Is Why I love My Home Town

This post is mainly a visual one, so I'll keep the text short.

The classiest "religious" organization in our great nation, the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), decided to make an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival, held in my home town of Park City, Utah. This "church" is renowned for their homophobia, antisemitism and funeral protests.

Some of the students at my high school organized a peaceful counter-protest to let the general public know that the message of the WBC is not tolerated. This is the actual description of the event, and here are a few Facebook links to pictures of the protest. Oh and here's a video. If you cannot see these links, please post a comment and I will work on making them visible to you. They are a must see!

While I cringe every time is see the signs of the WBC, I feel warmth in the bottom of my heart. For every one follower the WBC convinces, thousands more realize how radically wrong their message is. Counter-protests like these exemplify how the nation is slowly changing their views on issues of sexuality. We WILL get the equality entitled to us, just give it time...

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  1. Those pictures are amazing. It will be interesting to see if WBC comes to Durham to protest The Laramie Project in the Spring...