March 7, 2011

Anonymous Posts (2.28.11-3.7.11)

Every week, we collect anonymous entries sent in using the link on our sidebar and post them all on Monday. We post anything as long as it doesn't contain personal attacks or hate speech. Feel free to submit your thoughts and questions :)

Yo, Risa again.

IT'S SPRING BREAK!! So get hyped...or tap into your inner five year old, as I'm doing (Kraft Mac 'n' cheese for dinner, anyone?).

Duke Men's Basketball lost to Carolina, which was quite sad for most Dukies. But Women's Basketball came back to exact revenge less than 24-hours later, beating the Tar Heels in the ACC Tournament Championship game to win their second Championship in as many years!!

Breaking news: Johnny Gaga Weir, as his official 2010 Olympic credential named him, came out! In the sixth chapter ("Razzle-Dazzle") of his newly released autobiography, Welcome to My World, Weir tells readers about his first celebrity crush (Richard Gere, after seeing Pretty Woman when he was 6), his first kiss at 16, coming out to his mom when he was 18, his first relationship/love, and the first time he had sex (he was 19). He also details the pressures that exist in the figure skating world to adhere to conventional ideas of masculinity and how that isn't who he is. Before recently coming out in his book, Weir maintained that his sexuality wasn't an important part of his public persona (see the post I wrote a year ago, here).

Lastly, if you're on campus and looking for a place to hang, know that the LGBT Center is open from 8-5 (their regular hours) every day this week. Janie, Jess and Peg would love to see you around and are also available to meet if you want to talk with someone.

Now, for anonymous posts!

I've seen a lot on the blog lately about coming out (or not coming out), and I just wanted to say this one thing.... Recently, I've realized, that I'm finally, actually, truly, truly happy. And I have to say that I only became a truly happy person after I came out of the closet completely. And while I would never dare to try to speak for everyone, or even anyone besides myself, I think those doubting or hesitating the fficacy or purpose of coming out might benefit from knowing that it literally changed the hemisphere of my happiness completely. I recognize that it might not be this way for others-there might be circumstances that would make even an "out" life miserable. But for those who are thinking of coming out, and for those who are lucky to be in a place where it is safe to do so without fear of physical harm, then perhaps your experience might be the same as mine, and true, surreal happiness is what you have to look forward to. Good luck!

I am about to have the queerest spring break EVER.


  1. I can't say that I necessarily agree with you, #1. While coming out has given me the opportunity to share with others "who I really am" (whatever that means, I'm not even sure), coming out has been a process that has placed a new importance to sexuality in my identity. I can't say I'm as happy of a person when sexuality wasn't such a large part of my life.

  2. #2: ME TOO i am in key west. this place is alive with FABULOUS people.

  3. #2 - GET IT.

    #1 - [as Zelda music plays in the background] You are about two steps away from solving the Mission of Life. Your journey grows darker before the light approaches. Carpe diem!