March 12, 2011

My favorite new trends in music

3) Techno hits the mainstream
Peaks, valleys, builds and busts formerly relegated to the dance floor are now delivered daily to radios around the nation.

Fig. 1: The radio edit of the new Enrique Iglesias (something of an ally, btw) sounds like what would have been termed a "disco remix" in the past.

Fig. 2: Britney Spears introduces Dubstep to the mainstream at 2:12 in her new single. Hallelujah, hallelujah.

2) Adele
Not to objectify or anything, but I would go straight for her voice.*
*Just kidding, that isn't how it works.

1) LGBT on the airwaves
Fig 1: P!nk performs at a two-groom wedding in the video for Raise Your Glass.

Fig 2: Katy Perry dedicates Firework to fighting the bullying of LGBT teens. Also, dudes make out at 2:15.

Fig 3: Gaga. Do I even need to explain? Not only was she vocal in the fight against DADT, but by explicitly encouraging LGBT self-love in a song that's getting a ton of radio play, she is not only normalizing sexual minorities to those who might typically be opposed, but she's also reaching LGBT youth who otherwise might not realize that they were, for lack of a better phrase, "born this way." Whether you enjoy her music or not, you have to admit that she's making significant inroads for LGBT individuals in America.

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