October 18, 2011

NC State Vandalism

Around 9:20pm on Monday, October 17th, North Carolina State's GLBT Center was defaced. This marks the second time this semester that the GLBT Center at NCSU has been vandalized. The LGBTQA community at Duke and Blue Devils United stands in solidarity with our friends at NC State as they look for the person(s) responsible for this act and implement policies to protect their community from here on out. If you have any information about this incident, please email glbtca@gmail.com.

Coverage (links updated as we see them):

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  1. As President of the NCSU GLBT-CommUnity Alliance, I sincerely appreciate the support of our Blue Devil neighbors. School lines do not exist in the realm of discrimination and we are all in this together. Please spread the word, but let it be a message of love, because we are better than the bigots who committed this heinous hate crime.