October 29, 2011

WLW hosts "Gia" movie night this TUESDAY @7:30pm

Hi Duke LGBTQ/questioning women's community! Have you heard of Women Loving Women (WLW) at Duke? We are a dinner and discussion group for graduate and undergraduate LGBTQ-identified and questioning women at Duke.

WLW is excited to be hosting its second MOVIE NIGHT of the year this Tuesday at 7:30pm in the LGBT Center! We will be showing "Gia", a film about American supermodel Gia Carangi, who first identified as a bisexual woman, and later a lesbian, during her modeling career that was characterized by a rapid rise to fame in the 70s/80s.

*All LGBTQ and questioning identified women who are graduate or undergradute students at Duke are welcome to attend.* (We respect varying levels of "outness" with both our dinner discussion meetings, listserv, and informal events like these, and members of the group are not discussed beyond the event.)

Also, WLW is going to be having it's next monthly dinner/discussion meeting November 15th from 6-8pm in the LGBT Center, so mark your calendar and RSVP to colleen.warner@duke.edu! This month's meeting and every meeting is open to all LGBTQ and questioning Duke undergraduate and graduate women-identified students. (If you're not on our WLW listserv but would like to be, please email myself, meganweinand@gmail.com or Janie (janie.long@duke.edu) and we'll be happy to add you to the private listserv.)

See you there!

Event recaps:
1. WLW hosts "Gia" Movie Night:
When: This Tuesday, Nov. 1st @7:30pm
Where: LGBT Center

2. November's WLW meeting:
When: Tuesday, November 15th, 6-8pm
Where: LGBT Center
Note: please RSVP to Colleen at colleen.warner@duke.edu with your meal
preference (vegetarian or non-veg.)
Also: TOPIC TBA-send us your ideas to meganweinand@gmail.com! y'all
can choose what we talk about!


  1. Hey Megan! I don't identify as a queer woman so I don't belong at WLW, but whenever you post about these movie nights I find I always want to see the movie. Are they available to watch or check out in Lilly or the Center?

  2. hey Sarah!

    Sometimes the Center DOES have these movies...but sometimes not! Which is unfortunately what happened these past two times with Frida and now Gia. (With Frida, COLLEEN our lovely staff specialist actually lent us her personal copy....yay Colleen is amazing...(!)...and this week the wonderful Jen netflixed it for us. So! Unfortunately, not these past ones that you thought might be interesting.

    I know most of them are available at Lilly, though! If you have any more questions about the future movies we choose, just ask, and we'll be happy to see if our Center has them.