October 31, 2011

Anonymous Posts (10.24.11-10.30.11)

Every week, we collect anonymous entries sent in using the link on our sidebar and post them all on Monday. We post anything as long as it doesn't contain personal attacks, hate speech, or express or insinuate that one is at risk for hurting themselves or someone else. Please read this for an explanation of this policy and seek help if your or a friend find yourself in that position. With those exceptions aside, please feel free to submit your thoughts and questions. :)

Hey y'all,
I hope that you've enjoyed our weekend content. (Weekend Content!? Weekend Content.) We're now open for business seven days a week--so be sure to check in on Saturdays and Sundays to see what our awesome writers have prepared for you. Since last Monday, we've also welcomed three (THREE!) new bloggers--be sure to check out our first ever grad student, Kate; the "clandestinely queer" Sara; and 2015er/first year, Mary Claire. [Oh, hey women!]

Cool stuff around the web: the girl scouts (the girl scouts!!) are welcoming a seven year old transgirl, after the troop leader originally turned her away. Gareth Thomas, the first ever openly gay male rugby player is retiring...but in the wake of his announcement, another player--the team captain (the team captain!)--has openly come out.

WLW is hosting a movie night on Tuesday; Blue Devils United (the masterminds of The Best Blog Ever) meets Wednesday at 5:30 in the LGBT Center; and next Sunday there is a performance at the coffee house (info tba).

And not specifically LGBTQ--but still freakin' cool--Duke Women's Soccer won the ACC Regular Season Championship (for the first time since 1994!), and is in the semi-finals of the post season ACC Tourney now!! [There is, however, an interesting, recent conversation about women's soccer/LGBTQ issues and Hope Solo vs. Abby Wambach here]

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

I don't understand...why....?

This probably sounds like a really weird question...but how does one go about getting plugged in to the gay community here? I feel like it would be awkward to just randomly show up at Fab Friday's or something like that because there's bound to be friend groups already formed. I feel like it would be different if I had a group of friends to join with me, but let's face it... I'm the only gay girl in the group.

shameless plug-- the Obama campaign is launching its Youth Vote program this week, and we're having a kick off event at Duke--Wednesday at 6:30 in a common room in Few (FF 301). Everyone should come! ♥ Chris

Please remember that there are a number of resources available on campus and in the local community. These resources are available over breaks and throughout the school year. If you or a friend are experiencing thoughts or urges to harm yourself or somebody else, please reach out to the following resources: In an emergency, please don't hesitate to call CAPS at any time, including "after hours" at (919) 966-3820. Ask to speak to the advice nurse and tell them you are a Duke student. You may also call the Trevor Project, a national hotline specifically for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and questioning youth (college students included). Their number is 866-4-U-TREVOR (866-488-7386).


  1. Hey, #2. Since you self-identified as a "gay girl" in your post, I'd suggest coming to WLW's movie night tomorrow (7:30, in the Center). It's a great way to meet some people without the kind of social pressure to insert yourself into conversations at Fab Friday. Additionally, we're always happy to see new faces at the actual WLW meetings - the next one is November 15th, from 6-8 in the Center.

  2. hey #2!

    Jen stole what I was gonna say. (actually, Jen's awesome. I'm totally kidding!)

    I think I've admitted many times on this blog that when I first started coming to the Center, I know there was no way I was in the place to just come alone or by myself. I ALWAYS had a wing woman. She came with me many times, always texted me beforehand when I tried to chicken out, and generally made me feel like I always had someone to go talk to at Fab friday if I couldn't strike up a good convo with anyone else.

    WLW is a wonderful place to meet women, too! You certainly wouldn't be the only gay woman in the group. =) Considering last time we couldn't fit everyone, you'd be in EXCELLENT company.

    If you want, I'd be more than happy to tag along with you at any event you might wanna go to! if we haven't met before, just feel free to email me: meganweinand@gmail.com (If we have, HI!)

    Good luck with everything, and hope to see you soon!

  3. #1, that's incredibly upsetting. for the safety of the victim, the other kid should easily be expelled. i can't imagine that in this period of acute observation of teenage bullying, the media will allow this school to do anything but expel him. one can only hope...

    #2, don't be intimidated. of course people know each other, but everyone is very friendly and hospitable. i'm new to duke this year and started peaking my head in the center during the day toward the beginning of the year. at first i was a little nervous, but i was received by friendly faces and a warm welcome. every time i visited i met a couple people and now - just several weeks later - i feel totally at home in the center and feel as though i know most everyone who spends any significant amount of time there. when you're ready, i look forward to meeting you :)

  4. #2 omgomgomg! plzplzplz do not be scurred to come to the lgbt center. it is easily the best thing in my life evER. we don't have ne **clicks** and there are tons of gay gurls up in 'her.