November 23, 2009

Don't Forget to Remember

In agreeing to post my news feed on the Blue Devils United blog, I have to admit I forgot how insanely depressing it can be. From the hideous murders of Jorge Steven López Mercado and Jason Mattison Jr. to the harassment of mayoral candidate Annise Parker, the messages that we have been receiving have been grim. And not only from within our own borders, as the attempt to make homosexuality punishable by death in Uganda reminded us. These attacks upon our community, nationally and globally, while shocking, aren't new. Until there the LGBT community is understood and accepted worldwide, there will always be more to report on, more information to disseminate. It can be overwhelming and frustrating and disheartening.

However, I would like to give a platform, for a moment, to those other messages, the ones of hope and strength that come to us even as we learn of the crimes being committed against our community. A boy refusing to pledge to a flag that does not live up to all it promises. The British Prime Minister speaking out against transphobia. A local vigil. A march. A win. While these messages may seem a pittance in the face of the losses that we have felt, they are the embodiment of the love and fortitude of our community, and of our ever-growing legion of allies. I continue to take heart in the knowledge that progress, although slow, is inevitable, IF we continue to give our hearts and our minds to the struggle for it.

So as we pause and remember all of those lost before true equality could be won around the world, let us not lose faith in the power and potential of our LGBTA community.

And, because I just have to (and because it gives me chills every time), some words that never fail to give me hope:


  1. I actually feel like the news stuff should be a separate page. I am having a hard time ciphering through all the news to get to the actual student writings/blog stuff.

  2. The best way to easily navigate the site (besides visiting often :) ) is to use the authors and topics list on the sidebar. Clicking on Columns will display just those, and clicking on Features will bring up all of the dailies like EGSK, Coming Out Stories, Anonymous Posts, etc... It's easy to sift through everything using these tags :)