November 9, 2009



This blog is sponsored by Duke University’s Blue Devils United, the student group for LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer/Questioning) undergraduate students and allies. As writers, we hope the entries here effectively capture LGBTQ life at Duke and in America. We seek to inform and empower our Community – a demographic we understand extends beyond the campus walls. A specific goal the staff has is to effectively convey the diversity within the LGBTQ Community, something that is often underrepresented and underestimated.

This is not a new concept, though, in that BDU launched a similar blog last December (which has since been moved here). While this blog shares many aspects and values with its predecessor, we are a completely new staff that has strived to improve last year’s prototype. After several weeks of planning, there is no doubt our model has improved.

Aside from a graphic redesign of the site, changes in the posting dynamics will ensure a more uniform density of entries Monday through Friday. In addition to daily personal columns written by our staff, the blog will constantly be updated with national and local LGBTQ news and links. Every day of the week has also been assigned a feature:

Monday: Anonymous Posts.
We will collect all entries sent in (using the link on our sidebar) over every week and post them all on Monday. Everything sent in is completely anonymous. We won’t censor anything either, so long as entries contain no personal attacks.

Tuesday: Every Gay Should Know…
This column highlights events, figures and tidbits of gay culture. Topics will range from the Stonewall Riots to Bea Arthur. Harvey Milk to the etymology of “fag.” Personally, just about all of these fall under “Everybody Should Know” for me. Bea included.

Wednesday: Coming Out Stories.
While I will collect most of these face to face, stories sent in anonymously can be posted too!

Thursday: Profiles.
Summer Puente will be interviewing LGBTQ individuals and allies as we seek to personalize and put faces to our diverse and eclectic community.

Friday: Every Duke Gay Should Know…
It is important that students (currently enrolled or otherwise) are aware of LGTBQ issues and topics that are specific to Duke life. This means both highlighting the good and recognizing the bad; too often, one perception dominates the other.

We seek to capture Duke accurately while neither coddling nor depressing. With this in mind, we’ve decided to abandon the pseudonyms of last year and put real names and faces to our words. To do otherwise, we feel, would falsely connote a sense of fear among the staff. We are not afraid, and we feel safe here.

The success of the blog will be largely controlled by you, our readers. So visit often, comment often and submit entries whenever you want. The invitation of non-anonymous authorship is extended to all Duke students – just email us at

Enjoy :)



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