June 8, 2010

Glee Party Tonight On The Blog!

The Glee season finale is tonight at 9, Everybody. This is going to be an epic event because we are so not certain about what is going to happen! Will New Directions almost definitely without a doubt win regionals?! We just don't know! (We know.) Will Quinn give birth at the end of the episode, going into labor at regionals?! MAYBE. (Yes.) Glee is an emotional roller-coaster and is sure to have some surprises up its sleeve! Maybe we'll get the rest of the songs that should have been in the Gaga episode.

Anyhow. Let's all treat the blog like Kilgo commons and meet here for it. That way we can more efficiently discuss the CRAZY things that will be happening.

*Note: To those not on the East Coast, be careful of spoilers, but you are invited, too! Come whenever! Parttyyyyyyy.
* * *

[8:52] Ok. Vivster and Michelle will be here momentarily. So ready for this.
[8:59] Wasting no time with Schuester being annoyingly overdramatic. I. Will. Not. Let. You. Do. This.
[9:03] I'm not already crying.
[9:04] Um yeah we miss her, too. Where HAS Emma been all of these episodes?
[9:05] Matthew Morrison: Best. Actor. Ever.
[9:07] lmfao Look at Professor Hyperbole, over here. What, do they go to Hyperbole High?
--Break 1 of 3470--

[9:11] "I'm a Winner and You're Fat" hahaha.
[9:13] Finn's... what? Really?
[9:14] This sounds good / Who did Lea's hair today?
[9:19] Oh sweet! That was so good! I guess that's the end of the show and nothing is going to go wrong! Great season.
[9:20] Oh her water just bro-...ZACEFRON. Kudos to the Demographics Dept. at Fox Advertising.

--Break 2--
[9:22] A Full House star on Glee? Probs Stamos but let's all hope it's Dave Coulier to set up a really awkward "You Oughta Know."

[9:25] I am so surprised that she is giving birth on the season finale!
[9:28] So many Bump Its.
[9:29] Vocal Adrenaline is murdering it right now. Ugh, if ND loses and we have to go back to square one next season and do the whole "Sectionals here we come!" thing again...

--Break 3--

[9:36] Oh SNAP. Haven't they seen this whole season? Don't fuck with Sue.
[9:38] ...
[9:39] OMG. Ugh. For real?

--Break 4--

[9:46] Too much right now.
[9:47] But Schuester didn't really do that much, really! He just fake rapped, and was The Worst all season. Unmoved.

--Break 5--

[9:52] Awww Sue.
[9:55] One more year! Sort of! I mean Glee was picked up for a third season, but whatever! I'll pretend to not know that so I am invested and buy into the stakes they sell for next season.
[9:57] Alrighttttt. I'll take that, Glee. It was not the greatest episode of the season, but it was pretty solid! The Kurt's Dad ep trumps it by far, but ok! Here's to looking forward to next season :)


  1. OMG YES! Chris, best idea EVER!

  2. i is herrrrreeeeee. LET'S HEAR SOME SINGING. WHAT THE HECK?

    also, journey medley? i only know one song by journey. and that would be "don't stop"...

  3. i would definitely love to hear glee's "don't stop believing" at shooters. GO TEAM BRITTANA!

  4. am i the only one that thought the bohemiam rhapsody/ giving birth mashup was a little awkward?

  5. omg what just happened?!?!?!? aaaggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  6. yeah i thought it was a little bizarre, but whatevs. this end speech/song is kinda nice.

  7. NO NO NO NO!!!!! Sue is NOT supposed to be nice! I don't like this whole sudden change of heart thing. It's sooooo predictable. Gah. I don't like this Sue.

  8. Somewhere Over the Rainbow?!!??! Really Mr. Schuester?!?! Really? You're killing me.

  9. i do love the Puck and Schuester combo though... just visually speaking.

    And OMG yay!!! the baby!!! :D