June 22, 2010

Hillary Clinton Should Deliver All of Obama's LGBT Speeches and Also This Other Guy, Who is a Real Person In Real Life: Ok, so today there was this big event at the White House for LGBT Pride Month. The audience was mostly local and state-level advocates (so yes, I was too important and BIG TIME to be invited), and Hil gave this badass speech. She makes incrimental change and legislation on duh issues sound so OK! Seriously, though, kind of wish she was in the Oval Office right now.

Sometimes, though, we meet people who are so far from The Best. They are pretty much the opposite of The Best. But they are real people, somehow, that are living in real life right now. This "ex-gay" (gay) guy is one of those people, and his video has been making the blog rounds today and is very LOL.

Top 10 Lines From This Video:

#1-10: All of the lines.

When he started reaching (?) at 3:04 I was kind of convinced that this was a huge joke because look at the reaching thing he does at 3:04. But it is real, and the website checks out. Thank you, Right!


  1. ok so i love vid #1. that being said, it makes me really sad because it reminds me how awesome hillary would have been as president and how much i will sob if she dies never having been. just wanted to throw out some obnoxious hillary love.

  2. First of all, go Hil.

    Second of all, that other video has GOT to be a joke. He's hopeless.

  3. I am so confused by that man in video #2!!!! He was doing SO MUCH on so many levels...The Lord rest his soul. He had me ROLLING!