June 28, 2010

Anonymous Posts

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This post is already superlate, so I'm not going to delay much longer. Hope everyone in The City had a great time at Pride last weekend - I know that The Entire Community was together and I'm really upset/jealous I wasn't there. I miss y'all trillions.

She or he or whatever they want to be
It’s concerning to you, I can see
Maybe tomorrow they’ll want to express
More freely
And you’ll stare
And wonder why they’re in a tie
When just yesterday
They were in a dress and isn’t
It a mess?
He or she or whatever they need to be
It’s puzzling you, I can already see
But dear the jokes on you
When your face is bent
In confusion
At the sight of them
In a tie and dress and isn’t
It a bigger mess?
You are she, you are he,
You will hold the hand of what you see
As the opposite of what you were
Born to be,
Male parts bind you to your tie
Female parts bind you to
Your dress
And if that’s where you find happiness
I wish you all the best
While your judging eyes
And thoughts make
The biggest mess


  1. I actually think it's really sexy when people bend gender. I didn't used to think I was attracted to butch women, but recently I've realized it's widly attractive. Hopefully stereotypes of all forms of what gender/sexuality should be will one day be eliminated. Nice poem.

  2. Wow, I really enjoyed this.

  3. to the first anonymous comment:

    I agree 100%. It is crazy crazy attractive.