September 28, 2012


Pride weekend makes me think about life here in North Carolina. I still can't believe that Amendment 1 was passed! I had seen so many "Vote Against Amendment 1" signs all around Durham. How could this have happened? Even my older child, age 8, has voiced an opinion about it, explaining that several friends at school have two moms. Now what would happen to these friends and their families? So even at age 8, a child can see the unfairness of such an amendment. It seems absolutely absurd to a child. To my child. To me.

Pride weekend gives us a chance to reflect on this amendment and on what means to be LGBTQA in North Carolina, in Durham, and at Duke.

On another note from my kids, my younger child, age 5, has been asking some interesting questions. On the drive to preschool each morning we pass by a Hardee's fast food restaurant. My child has been begging to go there and get some sort of bacon sandwich that he saw on tv. (The kid loves bacon!)

However, finding Hardee's marketing tactics to be offensive, I have tried to implement some consumer empowerment by refusing for my family to eat there. My child keeps asking, "Why can't I get my bacon sandwich there?"I tried to explain that Hardee's has extremely offensive advertising that promotes sexist attitudes and reinforces heteronormativity.

Unfortunately, my five year old does not quite get it. I am hoping that when my family attends the Pride events this weekend, it will become more clear to him. Having young children involved in Pride weekend is especially meaningful as they learn that each and every person is valuable on this planet just for being themselves. I once read an inspiring quote that stated, "Be yourself. Nobody else is better qualified!" Let's be proud to be ourselves!

Genna Miller, Ph.D.

Economics Department

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