December 19, 2010

More Than a Little Sobering: (from The Advocate) Sorry to get superserious, because I know today has been all about #DADT and #!, but this is a, uh, pretty compelling video. This is a reminder that We've got a lot of work still ahead of Us, y'all - there are no days off. There was a frenzy of support when these suicides occurred a couple months ago, let's not forget about them. [Rant on the tendency for the Movement to treat issues like fads deleted for now.]

So obviously the school and admin really screwed up here. But would a reprimand have solved things? Even a little? Would it have maybe even made things worse? What's the most effective and realistic way of combatting bullying in schools?

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  1. GLSEN has awesome tools for schools to use to combat this problem. The barrier is that teachers or principals that try to implement these programs face barriers (and even discipline, believe it or not) from boards of education across the nation. Board members, in general, are elected officials, and there are very few (if any) requirements to serve on a board of education in most states (think Clint McCance here). The drive really needs to be strongly (let me repeat that - STRONGLY) aimed at boards of education across the nation.