December 3, 2010

Announcement: I’m married!

I’m pleased to announce to both this blog and the world that I’m married!

It happened late one night after the emotional rollercoaster that was HP7P1. I proposed on bended knee was answered with an immediate and heartfelt “YES!” We were both so excited that we skipped the engagement altogether and were married within a few minutes.

My spouse and I love each other, as well as our new life. We don’t regret the shotgun nature of the marriage at all.

* * * * *

Before you send me a toaster, however, allow me to clarify. While the story above is 100% accurate, I should mention that the marriage is only official within the realm of cyberspace. That’s right- like so many other gay men I’m married to a straight woman on Facebook.

We did it as a joke, and because we’re really close friends. After we made it “Facebook-official,” she expressed sympathy that this was the only kind of marriage that I can legally have in North Carolina, and that idea has kind of haunted me- that the only kind of marriage I’m allowed to have is a farce, a joke between friends.

Not that I want to be married in the immediate future, of course. I guess it’s just the angsty teenager in me simmering at the fact that I can’t do something that, like, everyone else can.

Nothing like a cup of second-class citizenship in the morning, eh? Have a nice Friday!


  1. That really hits home! One of the first steps of my coming-out process, in my lesbian days, was getting Facebook-divorced from my gay boyfriend in order to Facebook-date my new girlfriend, and it really haunted me at the time that C. and I could have gotten married at the drop of a hat, despite being hilariously mismatched, but E. and I never could.

    (Well, then I remembered that I am a Canadian citizen, which always fixes everything. But it was a sad moment nonetheless.)

  2. This along with the hearings today are a little much for me Matt, nonetheless, it's a good point to bring up. See you later this afternoon (?) !

  3. I've noticed this!! It sort of seems to me like it's becomming a trend. I'm pretty interested if you think there's an impetus behind this FB fad Matt, or if it's just for fun? Is it trying to make a statement (or am I reading to much into it?). Just curious!

  4. Well, as a trend I don't think it's too recent-- I Facebook-married my gay friend five or six years ago. At the time, it was pretty common for friends to get Facebook-married to unlikely matches just because we thought it was funny. For the most part it was straight people and their same-sex friends, actually (which has totally different weird implications), or the occasional heterosexual pair who were both confident they'd never really date.

    But like I said, that was five or six years ago at my specific school-- it might be different now.