December 2, 2010

The 20 Ways in Which I am Stereotypically (and Fabulously) Gay

So my last post, entitled “The 20 Ways in Which I am not Stereotypically Gay” caused a mini-riot in the blogosphere with accusations ranging from misogyny to sexism. I could preface this with a statement about how the reason for this post is to point out the frivolity of stereotypes, not to suggest that conformity is superior to non-conformity or vice-versa, but my prefacing was largely ignored last post, so I’ll just get right into it. The list:

1. I LOVE Lady Gaga—I went to the concert in Raleigh, was in the front row, was dressed up in an outfit that included a hubcap, and yelled very shameful things at the stage concerning my love.

2. I enjoy wearing high heels—They make me feel powerful, and I’m all for abolishing gender norms.

3. I like glitter—and really anything shiny for that matter. Gold patent-leather shoes? Fine by me.

4. I am a vegetarian—For ecological and economic reasons. You should be a vegetarian too!

5. I am a Democrat—and proud of it!

6. I have a significant number of rainbow-colored objects in my life—flags, bandanas, streamers, hats, stickers, etc.

7. I am an activist!

8. I am a good dancer—I went to a youth summit over thanksgiving break and got the best dancer award, so this is verified by a third party

9. I have taken ballet—which is surprisingly the most heterosexual I’ve ever felt, because I groped girls every time I did a pas de deux.

10. I’m goofy—and as a corollary, I use the word “silly” quite often.

11. I like Whole Foods and most organic products

12. I own something made by Gucci—which happens to be a pair of gold bowling shoes that I got at a gay-owned consignment store.

13. I like art museums. TONS.

14. I feel comfortable and at home in a coffee shop.

15. As an UPDATE from my last list, I got my most recent haircut not at Great Clips, but at a place called “Lavish Hair Spa” by a gay man named Danny (who has done Rupaul’s makeup before, nbd.)

16. And speaking of Rupaul, I both love drag shows and have performed in one.

17. I also like Beyonce, and Rhianna, and LaRoux.

18. I watch the Food Network (Paula Deen is my favorite)

19. I am pretty fabulous

20. I like kitties, and pictures of small, furry animals make me squeal like I was a small, furry animal.

So that’s the second installment of the list. Look out for the third and final installment “20 Things that are interesting about me completely independent of stereotypes.”


  1. Hmmm about #18: Watching Food Network is not that stereotypically "gay"....Watching HGTV IS, imo. Before Logo and RuPaul came out, that was the defacto gay network based on demographics.

    Also, I'm straight, and I really love Lady Gaga (and La Roux, for that matter), to the point where I have a big Fame Monster portrait in my room, as well as helped organize and DJ a big Gaga dance in our residence hall.