September 19, 2011

I Iz In Ur Blogz Changin All Teh HTML: So, like, remember me? My name is Chris Perry and I ran this Blog for a year and a half? "I'm pretty sure Risa has always edited this blog, who are you" —You.

That's my blog! Over there!

Anyhow. Whether you remember me or not ("Wait. You're the one with an unhealthy obsession with Glee, right?"), I still have All The Passwords. Which really just means that whenever Risa asks me to do something like change all of The Blog's colors and background and header image I can do it without hassling her for a password because of course she is doing a fantastic job and I'm so proud and there's nothing I would change on my own without telling her except for maybe putting spaces in between the title and content for the last fifteen posts or so.

But I wanted to explain this redesign a little bit because it's something that's been in the works for a while and we owe some thanks. The background was designed by a friend from high school, Chris Russo (you can see more of his work/hipster comics/insistance on drawing All Your Favorite Singers on Tumblr, his website, and Etsy) who did this completely free and on his own time because he is just an awesome guy and we all owe him a lot. Thanks, Chris Russo!

And whether you like it or not ("1,000,000 Strong Against The New BDU Blog" —Your New Facebook Page) I feel like we can at least agree it is an improvement over the old color scheme which was kind of bland considering the energy in Our Community. That color green we had should only be used as an ingredient in toothpaste (toothpaste ingredients: 1. water 2. fluoride 3. that green we had).

On the real though, miss you all tons and I'm so happy to see the Blog where it's at. Risa and the whole staff is doing an insanely awesome job. Just so very proud. I'll leave you with this image, taken from the list of pending posts. Get ready, folks.