November 8, 2010

WOMYN Magazine Release and Editor Elections

Are you a LGBTQ Woman? Come to the WOMYN Release Party TODAY, from 5:30-7pm in the Center for LGBT Life! There will be food, Tegan and Sara music...and copies of Duke's FIRST PUBLICATION FOR LGBTQ women and their allies! We welcome all other members of the Duke community to pick up a copy the following morning:

WOMYN magazine will be out Monday evening after the Release Party! Pick up at copy at the newsstands in Perkins Library, the Bryan Center, the Marketplace, Wilson Gym, or check out the copies on reserve in the Center for LGBT Life and the Women's Center.

(You can view a teaser of the magazine here at Develle Dish, Duke's newsest blog for women's issues on campus: Develle Dish WOMYN teaser.)

Editor Elections

Are you looking to help promote LGBTQ women’s visibility on campus?

Are you interested in LGBTQ or gender issues on campus?

Are you sick of the status-quo?

Become an editor of WOMYN!

WOMYN is a yearly publication for LGBTQ-identified women and their allies at Duke University, published each Fall. Editors of the publication have the ability to influence campus culture and the lives of students in an extremely meaningful way by providing an outlet for a passionate and vital part of our Duke Community. As an Editor of WOMYN, you will have the ability to significantly shape the final product of the magazine.

There are two editorial positions that are up for election (the Senior Layout Editor position requires an application later in the semester). These elected editors are the positions of Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for holding all organizational and editorial board meetings, and coordinating the submission review process (Review Board and submission promotion). The Managing Editor serves as the Treasurer and is expected to attend all editorial board meetings, along with the Editor-in-Chief and the Senior Layout.

Elections will be held November 17th in the Center for LGBT Life at 6pm. Contact past editors Megan Weinand ’12, Editor (, Jack Grote ’11, Managing Editor ( or Summer Puente ’11, Senior Layout Editor ( for more information on the respective positions. Any undergraduate student at Duke may run for these positions (including first-years)! There is no "WOMYN experience" necessary-just a desire to create campus change.

Still not convinced you should run? Here's what past editors of WOMYN had to say about their experience:

Megan Weinand, '12 (Editor)

"Being an editor of WOMYN was such a gift. I just kept thinking back to my first year at Duke and wondering how different it would have been if I had something like WOMYN magazine to affirm me. The fact that incoming first year women at Duke will have a publication like this...already in existence...I'm so jealous! But I'm also so, so happy-it would have completely transformed my world to know we had such an amazing community of queer women...from Day One of my Duke experience. I wouldn't give up my experiences with WOMYN for anything."

Jack Grote, '11 (Managing Editor)
"Being an editor for WOMYN has been the most rewarding experience because of all the amazing conversations I have gotten to have with people on campus. Literally EVERYONE on campus knows what WOMYN is and to know I helped with that is such an amazing feeling."

Summer Puente, '11 (Senior Layout Editor)
"Working on WOMYN was the most affirming experience I have had while at Duke. Although I do identify as a queer woman, this magazine brings together many communities that transcend gender, faith, ethnicity, sexual preference, academic interest, ability, relationship experience, and creative outlet. Everyday, I couldn't help but think about how much silence was being broken."

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