November 1, 2010

Anonymous Posts (10.25.10-10.31.10)

Every week, we collect anonymous entries sent in using the link on our sidebar and post them all on Monday. We post anything as long as it doesn't contain personal attacks or hate speech. Feel free to submit your thoughts and questions :)

But! But. The only way to put these up efficiently and effectively is if I have a ton of people volunteering to help. Our MO (no pun intended (okay, sort of pun intended)) will be installing flags one building at a time (dorm storming) over the course of a week or so. As such, the number of people we'll need to help every night will vary anywhere from 10 to 30 depending on the building(s) (ahem). So please! Sign up. Like, you don't have to be free every time we're putting up flags (because duh you don't have to be free every time we're putting up flags) and if I have 60 or so volunteers to solicit every outing (lol) we should be good. You can sign up to help by commenting on this post, sending me a message on Facebook, sending an email to, slipping a note under my door (?) (Kilgo J 210), or, I don't know, leaving a post-it in the Häagen-Dazs freezer in Bella (something I frequent often :///).

-You right now, probably.


I tease :) Megan, Jack and Summer have worked incredibly hard on this and I really can't wait to see the finished product. I'm also superexcited for this event!

And lastly, tomorrow is Election Day, y'all. Let's vote? Let's vote. In the spirit of Super Tuesday, I'd like to provide a guide on how to not ever win any (let alone gubernatorial) election in New York:

Oof. What a Jerkasaurus Rex. Who's running this guy's campaign? Captain Stupid? (I'm majoring in Wit Studies at Duke, if you couldn't tell.)

Anonymous posts for the week, yo.

A lot has happened in the last two weeks that has been really overwhelming and painful, and very little of it was at all related to sexuality. Just being at the center has been a huge help though. I am so grateful that so many people have worked so hard to build such an accepting community. When I'm at the Center I feel so cared about.

There are obviously a lot of meaningful challenges associated with being LBGTQ identified at Duke. And yet, for everyone who has made it out to the Center, I would really encourage you to take a moment to think about what its like to be a part of any community at Duke who accepts you for who you are, because so many people at Duke don't have that.

I want to thank everyone for making me feel so loved.

Hi everybody! I'm still kinda new to Duke, and I recently found out about this blog, and I have actually been enjoying the pieces on there..Anyways, so I have a quick question: like so many of the other anonymous posters, I'm still struggling with coming out and so it would be so hard for me to come to the BDU center. And, sometimes I feel like my situation is quite complex too as I was raised religious, plus I'm black that carries with it issues of its own.. But I still feel like I am missing out a lot and I would ideally like to meet and get to know someone, but that seems hard on it's own (with out coming out)..anyways, that being said, if anybody is in a similar situation or would like to talk or offer any tips--or just meet someone new, shoot me an email [if this is acceptable]. Thanks

I would like to thank the editor of this blog for making it such a helpful, great looking resource for our community. Keep up the great work Chris Perry!

[Ed. Note: Deleted. This wasn't so clear cut, as I think there's merit in examining historical documents no matter what they say. However! This has to be done in the right context. As in, "Hey, let's examine this historical document for what it is" not "why aren't we doing this anymore?" And as commenters have pointed out, the pamphlet contained, uh, literal hate speech directed towards entire groups. And as I'm quoted below, hate speech in this context shouldn't be tolerated. As completely awful as Jesse Helms was, we don't wish death upon people because duh. And if the text had been hosted on this site, with the same context, it would have been a no-brainer. But linking to a completely different website makes the scruples here a little less obvious. After speaking to many people, though, we decided that (as a good friend interpreted our policy) "I would take the word 'contain' to include content not only written by the poster but contained in the post. Adding the hyperlink essentially makes that document part of the post."

This may seem didactic and verbose and didactic, and apologies for that, but I'm trying to explain the thought processes here. Even though this blog will be a year old in a week, there are still things that we're feeling out and issues that have no precedent. I take this seriously because I am thinking long-term, and being reactionary or going for a quick-fix would not be the most helpful.

I'm sorry to anyone offended that I linked to the document. I did not read all eight pages before posting it (because eight pages) but this is obviously a mistake I won't make again. And once I had read it, I was caught off-guard and had to carefully decide what to do. So, yes, sorry that something we ultimately decided to take down was up for 20 hours or so. Thanks for being patient, y'all.]


  1. But you CAN still submit to WOMYN! You can submit to next year's issue! I'm sure the new editors (*cough, we need people to run!*) would love to have folks submit their stuff early. =)

    #2 and everyone else in the same boat: I'm .

    Also, Janie is a great resource. I remember emailing her "I'm too scared to go to WLW" my first year at Duke. And look how she changed my mind! ;) Good luck with this. I found coming out difficult but worth it, (for me that is).

  2. #1 and 3: y'all are great =3

    #2: I ditto everything Megan says, also, my email is and I welcome all new friends =)

    There's an alternate entrance at the other end of the building over by the Chapel Circle if you want to go through there, but I can understand if it's still to nerve-wracking and I hope to meet you one day!

    #4: I understand where you're coming from with the need to be angry (or passionate rather?), but at some point, we need to stop yelling a closed door and need to learn to open in and actually talk , connect and provoke people.

    Until I can enjoy the same freedom
    of movement and sexuality, as straights, their privilege
    must stop and it must be given over to me and my queer
    sisters and brothers. Straight people will not do this
    voluntarily and so they must be forced into it. Straights
    must be frightened into it. Terrorized into it. Fear is the
    most powerful motivation. No one will give us what we
    deserve. Rights are not given they are taken, by force if
    necessary. It is easier to fight when you know who your
    enemy is. Straight people are your enemy. They are your
    enemy when they don't acknowledge your invisibility and
    continue to live in and contribute to a culture that kills

    I have a huge problem with this and the section about straight people. I'll leave it at my disagreement, but it is not ally friendly and allies are a huge part of this movement. That's all.

  3. #4 and BDU Blog Review "Committee": I find this entire bit to be incredibly offensive. It contains blanket statements and attacks on entire groups of people. It's awful. This is not how we build an ally network. I find it ironic (to say the least) that a post which criticizes and makes blanket statements and attacks on the LGBT community on this campus is deleted (amidst uproar and charges of censorship, I might ad) but that the editor of this blog has absolutely no compunctions about publishing something that attacks entire religious communities, argues for exclusion of straight people from our world and is down right offensive and rude to all heterosexuals. Is this the image we seek to promote? Hypocrisy! Why can this be posted on the blog, but other criticisms not? Just something for the "community" to think about. I wonder if this comment will be published...

  4. #4: This is fascism. Period. Exclusionary identity politics and essentializing rhetoric like this are what is holding the LGBT movement back.

  5. On #4:

    "This isn't about social fascism or quelling people who don't agree with me or us as an organization - it's about discerning between criticism that's respectful and criticism that's hateful."--Chris Perry

    "…we specified that 'hate speech and personal attacks' would not be tolerated."--Chris Perry

    "But as my mom's told me as far back as I can remember, 'we can disagree without being disagreeable."--Chris Perry

    "There is no one LGBT experience…"--Chris Perry

    "In fact, let's not use derogatory terms. I can't really think of an instance on this site where they'd be appropriate."--Chris Perry

    "And personal attacks, for the record, are not restricted to comments about just one person (i.e. "Chris Perry is just The Awfulest") but include character assassination of groups of people, too (i.e. "Everyone who doesn't regularly go to the Center is The Awfulest"). Blanket statements like the latter are not productive, are hurtful, and are usually prejudiced (and, for the record, do not have the necessary sociological data to back them up). They aren't conducive to the constructive conversation and cathartic environment that we're looking to foster here."--Chris Perry

    It would seem, from the above comments, that NO BLANKET STATEMENTS and NO HATE SPEECH would be tolerated on this blog.

    Why then am I seeing this:

    "I hate Jesse Helms. I hate Jesse Helms so much I'd
    rejoice if he dropped down dead. If someone killed him I'd consider it his own fault.I hate Ronald Reagan, too, because he mass-murdered my people for eight years."

    "I hate the fucking Pope, and I hate John fucking Cardinal fucking O'Connor, and I hate the whole fucking Catholic Church. The same goes for the Military, and especially for Amerika's Law Enforcement Officials…"

    "In fact, I hate every sector of the straight establishment in this country."


    Chris Perry: You owe an apology to every straight person who reads this blog. You owe an apology to every catholic gay who reads this blog. You owe an apology to every gay military servicemember who reads this blog. You owe an apology to every gay Law Enforcement Official who reads this blog…perhaps you could draft one for Sarah-Jane? You owe an apology to gay republicans. Start apologizing.

  6. #4: Does this article really feature a lesbian woman calling other queer women "dykes"? Offensive.

    "Then you pad your anger with a relationship or a career or a party with other dykes like you"


  7. #4: "Zealousness is the arm par excellence of the powerless."

  8. >Whoa, people, calm down.

    The link in #4's post is obviously extremism to the MAX. It's like looking at Black Panther or KKK or Communist propaganda and not seeing the fact that it is a part of history and it is to be learned from (you know, not in a "HELL YEAH!" kind of way but in a "HELL NO!" kind of way). YES, it's disturbing. Just briefly skimming through it, I picked out the same jarring quotes you've all gleaned from it and even MORE, but:
    A) Chris didn't write this
    B) He seems to post anonymous posts with controversial content (ex: the removed, NOT DELETED, anonymous posts some keep complaining about...relentlessly)
    C) IT IS IN NO WAY ACCEPTABLE, but as I said in point B, he will post controversial content until people begin to fuss about it in immature/hateful ways. I don't think the committee has been formed yet. Or has it?

    >anonymous 10:28- OMG, thank you. That's hella rude. Same reason I don't run around saying the N-word.

    >anonymous 9:15- Your comment was published. See above mentioned information on the REMOVED-NOT-DELETED anonymous posts from earlier and the review committee.

    >anonymous 10:26- Since we're quoting all of these personal attacks, I think Chris should also apologize for calling the guy in the video a "Jerkasaurus Rex" and his campaign manager "Captain Stupid". I'm happy I kept my comments about those guys' hats to myself too! That would've been a problem. Hopefully, Chris will see that the comments on this round of anonymous post is also going down the path of evil (what is this? the trend here now?) and will remove these too. Everyone wins (loses?); hooray.

  9. #2: So, I was definitely planning on replying to you before all of the hate splashed into my eyes. Anyways, religious AND black. I totally understand (aka ME TOO! :D). Though, my experiences may be a bit different, I have had some exposure to how the black community is in regards to homosexuality. And honestly, I can easily say that 70% of the people I communicate with on a daily basis don't know I'm bisexual. So, I guess I'm not completely out either. From what I've learned, coming out is a really gradual process and there's certainly no reason to rush it. I'll shoot you an email later.

  10. #4: I hope you're angry. I hope you're dissatisfied with the oppression and suppression of your rights. But I hope you're not that angry.
    Your link was more than hateful, it was violent. Your sexuality may not be easy, but it is not an excuse for prejudice and hate. Obviously you need to look to improve your status, and the status of all LGBT... but the hate mongering you posted is not a solution. It is to your civil rights movement what eco-terrorism is to environmentalists; it is a roadblock, a speed bump, and it is deleterious to the goals you claim to strive for.
    Step back and take a look.

  11. Chris Perry.
    I think you're doing ok.
    Chill people.

  12. @anonymous 214-Thanks for your input, Chris!

  13. Chris, I think you're doing a wonderful job. I don't agree at all with the sentiment of the article linked by #4, but I think it's important that it was posted and considered by the community.

  14. The person who posted the comment you're referring to asked me to move it from Xan's post to here. They made a mistake.

    I don't post anonymously on the blog, and when I do post I refer to myself as "I" or "me." It would just be weird to say "Chris Perry." So that would actually read, "Me. I think I'm doing ok. Chill people." Right? Idk.

    Also, self-assessment would be odd to put on the blog. Because it's just, like, I can think it... and that's telling myself. It's hard to explain!1

  15. I still don't see why #4 hasn't been removed. Anon 1026 did a pretty good job of demonstrating how hypocritical it is for it to be here.