January 30, 2012

SAVE THE DATE! LAV BALL 2012: "Miami Nights"

***SAVE THE DATE FOR....LAV BALL 2012!!!****

Lavender Ball (affectionately known as "Gay Prom") is a yearly dance & formal event held every year by Blue Devils United! This year Lav Ball will be held at the Dorris Duke Center in the Duke Gardens (classy!) and the theme is "Miami Nights". This ONE and ONLY LGBTQ-sponsored formal event at Duke is always a ton of fun each year, and it is guranteed to be one of the BEST nights of our semester...

....so be sure to SAVE THE DATE for March 23rd, Friday, from 10pm-2am!

We will have a keg, so we also need 4 formally-trained Duke Party Monitors. If you or anyone else you know has been to Duke's official Party Monitor training this year, we'd love to have you on board with the event as a Party Monitor; email Denzell (edward.faison@duke.edu) or Megan (mrw22@duke.edu). (Thank you so much!)


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