January 27, 2012

What I Did Over Break

First things first: This afternoon, from 4-6 in the LGBT Center, we will be hosting an Ally-themed Fab Friday. Come by and show some appreciation for all our allies, and have a great time with some cool people. There will be cake and free Jimmy John's too, just saying...

Now, for the other thing:

You might recall my last post, but odds are you don't, so I'll remind you. Over the winter break I became very frustrated over the constant need to hide massive parts of my life from my mom, so in my last blog post I committed to coming out to her before I went back to school. 

Well I did.

Now, let me give you some context: my mom is very, very religiously conservative. However, I also knew that she loved me, so I wasn't entirely sure how this would go, in fact, it took me two visits before I could work up the courage to tell her. I did, eventually, manage to work up that courage though. Her response? "I already knew. I love you very much, and God loves you."

How she knew or how long she had known are still unknown to me. Perhaps there's some magical insight mothers are privy to, I dunno. 

While parts of her response weren't perfect, it was by far the smoothest and best reaction I have gotten from any of my family members, and an excellent way to end the break. And I now have the added benefit of not having to hide my life from my family anymore, which is always a plus!

Although coming out to your parents isn't always an option for people, I hope those of you who are nervous about coming out to your parents can draw at least some strength from my story. I never would have expected that coming out to my mom would go as well as it did, but things often have a tendency of going very, very unlike how we expect they should.