January 14, 2012


Hi, everyone.

I've been nervous all week. I'm a nervous kind of person - introvert, type-A, perfectionist, you know the drill. The first week of classes every semester never fails to magnify my usual jumpiness or uncertainty, even though I've had a first week of classes every year since I was four. Y'all know that I'm a senior, so this is my last - and arguably my most important - semester. I graduate in May, but in the meantime I have to write a thesis and get into graduate school, so I'm already feeling the pressure. However, it's not just school that has me a little unbalanced right now.

In case you haven't talked to me for more than ten minutes, I'll let you in on a little [not-so] secret bit of information: I'm a TOTAL choir geek. Now, when I say that, you probably think of the 200 high school girls who descended upon the Chapel to sing last semester, when Eric Whitacre came to visit. I was not there, but I'm told there was much swooning and sobbing during the actual performance. I cannot say that I've never cried during a performance, but the music that moves me is usually around 400 years old. I'm lucky enough to be in an ensemble (Vespers) that regularly sings this repertoire, and it just so happens that we have a concert today, at 8PM in the Chapel (SHAMELESS PLUG: BE THERE IT'LL ROCK, I SWEAR!! And it's only 50 minutes long.). So, we've been rehearsing all week to prepare for it, and it is definitely one of the things that has made me nervous this week.

My parents, who are incredibly involved in my life, will be there. And so will my girlfriend. My parents know about her, but they haven't met, and I haven't told them that she will be there. Meeting parents is so stressful, and I didn't want her to feel that I was pushing her to meet them. So, she may or may not decide that she wants to. If she does, I have to admit that I'm also going to be nervous about how it could go. I have no doubts that she will be as adorable and charming as ever, but since when are nerves logical?


  1. "but since when are nerves logical?"

    Mmmmmm. Dig it girl. a friend told me once "we get nervous when something's important." i don't know if that's true but for some reason I liked it when he said it at the time.

  2. Girlll. My purple-haired, ten-piercings, tattooed ass is going to be there with bells on. And your conservative parents are going to love it. :D

  3. Bahahaha Mandy I love you forever and always <3