January 22, 2012

First WLW Meeting of the Semester, this Tues. 6-8pm!

Hi Duke LGBTQ & allied community!

This upcoming Tuesday (Jan. 24th) from 6-8pm in the LGBT Center, we'll be having our first Women Loving Women (WLW) meeting of the semester! Women Loving Women is a monthly dinner & discussion group for undergraduate and graduate women with an attraction, or questioning an attraction, to women. (No labels!) The meeting itself (and listserv) are private in order to respect varying levels of "out"-ness of attendees.

This month's topic was suggested by a member (thanks!)...and it's relationships! How do we interact with queer women who we're friends with-vs. queer women we'd like to be in a relationship with? What about straight women (or questioning straight women)? And how do we interact with men we're friends with-vs. men we'd like to be in a relationship with? Do challenges ever arise-and if so, how do we navigate them based on our identity and the identity of the other individual? SO MANY QUESTIONS - yay for WLW this Tuesday to discuss it!! [Yes that is a picture from the movie "Saving Face"-best LGBTQ relationships movie EVER.]

If you have any questions you'd like us to ask at the meeting, feel free to email me at mrw22@duke.edu...and we'll throw it out there for discussion!

Be sure to email RSVP to Colleen at colleen.warner@duke.edu (with your vegetarian/non-veg. meal preference), and see you this Tuesday night at 6pm in the LGBT Center!

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