December 19, 2011

Anonymous Posts (12.13.11-12.19.11)

Every week, we collect anonymous entries sent in using the link on our sidebar and post them all on Monday. We post anything as long as it doesn't contain personal attacks, hate speech, or express or insinuate that one is at risk for hurting themselves or someone else. Please read this for an explanation of this policy and seek help if your or a friend find yourself in that position. With those exceptions aside, please feel free to submit your thoughts and questions. :)

Anddddd, that's a wrap! First semester, I mean.

Got the grades you wanted? Congrats!! Didn't? Relax; neither did most of us. The semester is over, you made it; that is something to be proud of!

Really cool! Duke LGBT Network President, Kyle Knight, and former Duke Women's Basketball superstar, Abby Waner, wrote an article for HuffPo about LGBT rights in the NBA and US (fun fact: Kyle was a practice player for the team).

Also, if you were really busy studying last week and missed our five fantastic posts, catch them here: "Q & A with Your token Queer Friend" by Logan, "Some Shameless Advertiesment, and Thoughts of Home" by Kyle, "Another Shameless Plug and a Few of My Most Stressful Things" by AJ , "Freshman Christmas Again (Also How I Became an Ally) by Mary Claire, and "Snap. Crackle. Pop." by Kory!

I hope that everybody has a wonderful winter break, but here at the Blue Devils United Blog we know that that isn't always the case. There can be a lot of anxieties about going home, which may mean going back in the closet or coming out to family and friends or any number of things. Please reach out to the resources at the bottom if you find yourself in a position where you need support. We're a community and we're here to support each other, so keep checking the blog for new content and be sure to keep up with each other, as well.

Now, notes from OC!

I teared up reading this. What can I say, I'm a sap.

I'm conflicted and irritated. I'm in a relationship and things are going well! But I know that I'm not out to any number of my facebook friends (despite the fact that my orientation is on fb) and feel like "in a relationship with so-and-so" would bring unnecessary attention to that. Even if I just added "in a relationship," it seems like I could risk alienating friends who I have no choice but to live and work with for the next year. and I wish it weren't so! For my straight friends, it's just nothing--add it or not, whatever (not that they don't or won't struggle to decide when to make it public). But for me it's an agonizing decision that seems super important. This just seems unfair and difficult for all the wrong reasons.

I had my first gay experience ( I'll call it that for lack of a better term) yesterday! I have often heard that when two gay girls look each other in the eye they can immediately know that they are both gay. I wasn't a believer in this theory until I looked a gay girl in the eye as she was boarding my plane. She stared right back at me and then took a middle seat ( a middle seat people!) So she could sit next to me even though there were end seats galore behind me. Sadly, I'm pretty shy so our convo didn't go much beyond, "what time is it?" And "oh yeah arizona doesn't have daylight savings." Even though I kind of failed, I'm still glad this whole thing happened. For some reason it's just nice to know that I look gay.

Please remember that there are a number of resources available on campus and in the local community. These resources are available over breaks and throughout the school year. If you or a friend are experiencing thoughts or urges to harm yourself or somebody else, please reach out to the following resources: In an emergency, please don't hesitate to call CAPS at any time, including "after hours" at (919) 966-3820. Ask to speak to the advice nurse and tell them you are a Duke student. You may also call the Trevor Project, a national hotline specifically for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and questioning youth (college students included). Their number is 866-4-U-TREVOR (866-488-7386).


  1. uggghhhhh #3 is so adorbs. i lol'd at the daylight savings bit. cute.

  2. #1 - Thank you so much for sharing that! Such a happy ending.